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      Company Profile

      Brief Introduction of MINGJUN 广西福彩网
      MINGJUN 广西福彩网, the former PANYU ZHONGCUN RUBBER FACTORY, is a professional and experienced hose manufacturer. Main products LIEBAO and LEIBAO hose, including wire reinforced hydraulic hose, fabric reinforced rubber hose and special rubber hose. Under these three categories, there more than ten kinds and a thousand sizes of hose. Our products deeply welcome by clients for high quality and competitive price.

      MINGJUN 广西福彩网 is equipped with strong technical force, advanced production and checking equipments, and perfect quality control system. Certificates obtained in China “Certificate (B grade) of Quality Examination Organization on Petrochemical Enterprise”, “Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products” and “Production Permit of National Industry Product on Rubber of Steel wire and Combination”. Other national certificates ISO9001:2008, ISO10012:03:2, ISO14001:2004 and OHSMS18001.The LIEBAO products were named famous product of Guangdong in 2011.

      Spirit guiding MINGJUN is “Customer highest, Quality first, Standard strict and improvement constant”. We c much for staff quality sense and responsibility, and working our best for customer satisfaction of products and service.

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